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Arthur hault-Denger's Logbook

An Astrogator's Eclectic View From the Bridge

Arthur hault-Denger
agates, air rifles, airguns, alien, american history, analog magazine, art, art nouveau, arthur c clarke, arthur c. clarke, arts and crafts style, backpacking, backyard conservation, bbc world service, birdwatching, blade runner, blended families, books, boundary waters, brian aldiss, bwca, caf, canada, canoeing, carrara, cats, chick corea, childrearing, chris foss, clarinet, classical music, co2 pistols, coffee, collecting, commemorative air force, commercial art, crosman, crusaders, cyber surfing, dan o'bannon, dave brubek, debussy, design, digital art, digital photography, earthsea, ebay, ekumen, electronics, elvish, england, exploring, family, fawlty towers, firefly, frank frazetta, ftl travel, fusion jazz, futurism, gems, gemstones, george r.r. martin, german history, germany, gordon lightfoot, gustav klimt, hiking, history, iiss, illustration, imagining, imperial interstellar scout service, intelligence, j.r.r. tolkien, jazz, jim burns, joe sample, kentucky colonels, kids, knives, lee ritenour, lexfa, libraries, literature, lord of the rings, medieval history, metal hurlant, modern jazz, moebius, monty python, music, mussourgsky, nature, outland, pat metheny group, photography, pink floyd, planet of exile, reading, renaissance faire, renderosity, return to forever, reuters, rimsky-korsakov, road trips, road-trips, robert a. heinlein, robert heinlein, rocannons world, rockhounding, role playing games, samuel delany, samuel r delany, sarah mclachlan, science, science fiction, scouts, sculpture, second world war, self-reliance, sf, shakespeare, sheryl crow, shooting, solaris, stanislaw lem, star wars, steely dan, step parenting, supermarine spitfire, survivalism, technology, the hobbit, the incal, the silmarillion, thinking, third imperium, tolkien, too many interests, traditional marriage, traveller, ursula k. le guin, ursula k. leguin, ursula le guin, ursula leguin, vincent di fate, wes montgomery, world history, world war 2, world war ii